Monday, November 12, 2012

Philippines is a rising Asian 'tiger'

Visiting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper sees the Philippines as "an emerging Asian tiger," agreeing with the bullish outlook on the country of political and business leaders from many other parts of the world.

To demonstrate Canada's confidence in the Philippine economy, Harper pledged to increase Canadian investment in the country during his meeting with President Benigno Aquino in Malacanang yesterday.

Bilateral trade between Canada and the Philippines amounts to US$1.5 billion.

Aquino and Harper agreed to cooperate on defence and trade, and committed to people-to-people exchanges between the Philippines and Canada.

At a joint news conference, Aquino and Harper announced that the Philippine Department of National Defence and the state-run Canadian Commercial Corp. had signed a deal to help Manila buy military equipment to defend its territory.

The deal was signed amid a territorial dispute between the Philippines and China over islands and waters in the West Philippine Sea (also known as South China Sea).

President Aquino said the deal would help the Philippines build up its defence and security capabilities. He declined to elaborate.

But Harper said the deal would "enable the Philippines to acquire the equipment and expertise it needs to fulfil the country's defence and security agenda."

Under the deal, Philippine purchases of equipment and expertise from Canada's 12.6 billion Canadian dollar (US$12.6 billion) defence industry are guaranteed by the Ottawa government, according to a Canadian government statement.

Aquino and Harper discussed the progress in the Aquino administration's good government programme and the gains in the peace process, particularly the signing of framework agreement for peace with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

At the news conference, Aquino and Harper did not cite specific amounts for Canadian investment, but Harper described the Philippines as an "important economic partner" and an "emerging Asian tiger."

Aquino said the Philippines was open for business under a new management, and that he saw the visit of Harper as a "recognition of the change of atmosphere in the Philippines."

"We do see increased commercial trade ties between our countries," Aquino said.

He said it was "logical to assume" that the $1.5 billion two-way trade between the two countries is "just the starting point."

The two leaders witnessed the signing of the defence deal by Defence Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and Canadian Minister for International Trade and Asia-Pacific Gateway Ed Fast.

"This will help us in our efforts to build our defence and security capabilities," Aquino said, welcoming Canada's help in the much-delayed modernisation of the Philippine armed forces.

The Canadian Commercial Corp. serves as a go-between for Canadian suppliers and foreign governments to transact defence and security contracts.

The Philippines has been in the market for patrol vessels to protect its waters, including areas that overlap with territory claimed by China.

Manila's military treaty ally the United States is set this year to deliver a second refurbished Hamilton-class cutter, previously used by the US Coast Guard, to the Philippine Navy.

Last month, the Philippine Coast Guard announced it would buy five patrol boats from France for about 90 million euros ($116 million), partly to guard disputed areas in the West Philippine Sea.

Harper and his lean delegation arrived in Manila Friday night.

He was accorded military honours on the Palace grounds when he showed up at 10:30am yesterday.

He then proceeded to sign the presidential guestbook before he and Aquino sat for discussions in the Music Room.

This was followed by an expanded bilateral meeting at the Aguinaldo State Dining Room and the signing of the defence deal and issuance of a joint press statement at the Reception Hall.

A state luncheon at the Rizal Hall hosted by Aquino in honour of Harper and his wife, Laureen, ended the official visit of the Canadian prime minister.

Harper was scheduled to fly back to Canada at 9:30am today.

Harper's visit is the first by the highest Canadian official in 15 years. The last Canadian head of government to visit the Philippines was Prime Minister Jean Chretien, who brought a business delegation to Manila in 1997.

Besides Fast, Harper's delegation included Joseph Oliver, minister for Natural Resources; the first Filipino-Canadian senator Tobias Enverga Jr.; and 10 Filipino-Canadian community leaders.

"Our government is taking actions to aggressively expand commercial relations with the entire Asia-Pacific region. We're doing so to help create jobs, economic growth and a better quality of life both in Asia and in Canada," Harper said at the official reception.

Harper disclosed the "many ties that bind" Canada and the Philippines such as the Foreign Investment Promotion Protection Agreement signed in 1995, and the growing people-to-people links.

There are nearly 800,000 Canadians of Filipino descent living and working in Canada.

With a report from AFP

Source: Yahoo

Saturday, October 29, 2011

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weeding out corruption in the Philippines

The vision and ongoing drive of the present government of President Noynoy Aquino to eliminate graft and corruption and to promote integrity and honesty in all government agencies in the Philippines is admirable. Apparently this administration put a primer in uncovering corruption and excesses by the past administration and bringing the culprit government officials in the open and to court. The witch hunt seem to cover all agencies in the government and even government owned corporations.This is unprecendented.

From the exposes and congressional and senatorial hearings , ordinary citizens like me can only gasp in awe at the depth and extent of alleged corruption and abuses made in the past bureaucracy. The alleged abuses were truly mind boogling.

Whatever critics and sour grapers say, this ongoing anti-corruption initiative has already produced tangible results:

-A number of cases against past officials, the past President of the Philippines included are already filed.
- Some government agencies like the military and the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office have intiated policy reforms to deter abuses
and corruption
- The televised senatorial probes appear to strike fear or put involved officials beyond their comfort zones. It's satisfying to see these once revered officials cringe in their seat, fumble their answers or issue meek denials.

- Greater awareness of citizens and government employees on corruption and the need for transparency in government transactions.

Whether the cases filed in court against erring past government officials may prosper in court or not is anyone's guess.

By all means all Filipinos should support President Noynoy Aquino's initiatives to kick out corruption in the government.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NBA Playoffs

The ongoing NBA Playoffs has lived up to its expectations. What a very thrilling and interesting show it has become. I just cannot miss the remaining games.Nor should you. With all teams giving their all and key players dishing out outstanding performances, the games can only be but exciting.

Although the Oklahoma City Thunders is on the verge of elimination in its duel against Dallas Mavericks,the games played were tight. It would not be far fetched if the Thunders can make a comeback. Likewise the Chigago Bulls can even the series with Miami Heat. The outcome although now heavily stacked against the Thunders and Oklahoma,is still up for grab. I would like to see both the Thunders and Bulls catch up with the leaders and go for a down the wire finish to the finals. My guess however is for the Dallas and Miami to make it to the finals.

Anyway, may the best teams win.