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Showing posts from February, 2010

Have a Snack with This Amazing Pic

Love to see this pic on my free time. Imagine directing this angry lion and I don't know if it did follow the director's command.

Realizing this kind of pic would actually be viewed through search engine placement optimization by many viewers that loves amazing pictures.

Life Lost at Winter Olympics

Sad lost for the life lost at Winter Olympics event, a competitor lost his life during his practice. He accidentally bump his head that caused his death. Considerably, we can assume whose fault it is but the fact that a life has been lost is a very sad thing to take it for granted. We should really act little step at a time to see the real causes of the sad event.

Sad day but the officials have said about the contest must go on. Hope the life that has been lost should be remembered always.

Raw Video of Walmart TV Smashed

A quick view of how people do get crazy and smash everything in his path. This wal-mart raw video of a man striking on televisions is alarming to establishments.

How can one stop this kind of act if his choice is really is to smash everything up.