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Beware of vultures taking advantage of Japan's Woes

When tragedies struck, it is not uncommon to hear of dubious people or organizations diverting aid money or valuables from the victims. That there are people who thrive or make their living from other peoples' miseries is beyond comprehension.The recent calamity that hit Japan is no exception. Apparently these human vultures are at work right now.

Newspapers and the internet are awash with warning on websites or organizations masquerading as legitimate charitable institutions. These vultures lure unsuspecting good samaritans to give their financial or material aids to Japan's earthquake and tsunamis' victims
through their organization or financial accounts.Of course your aid would never reach the intended beneficiaries.

These parasites are very clever. I recalled one incident when a fairly large earthquake hit the southern Philippines. A well dressed elderly man went around our subdivision claiming he was soliciting contributions in behalf of the victims. That he was an empl…