Sunday, December 26, 2010

More on online Tutorials

Top schools and those vying to be competitive often go for high academic standards. And their teachers appear to have a penchant for making the life of students even harder. Some teachers keep lectures and explanations short leaving students to fill in considerable gaps in understanding the subject matter. Tests are difficult and sometimes include topics not covered by their lectures. We often hear these complaints from students. Some of course are alibis for low grades. However I did experience these anomalies when I was a student in a state college.

I would say that a tutor is even more relevant to students now a days. To stay competitive or pass difficult subjects, tutors could help a lot. Fortunately there are online tutorial programs offered by some companies mostly for a fee. They can provide an online tutor to address one's tutorial needs promptly. Certainly online tutorial services is a big help to students.

It is wise to choose leading on line tutorial companies offering comprehensive programs covering all subject matters particularly the difficult ones. Such tutorial programs should offer in addition to others, at least an online math tutor , an algebra tutor, physics tutor and chemistry tutor since most students have a hard time with these subjects. Further it would be an advantage if the same program covers subjects in different school levels. This is an advantage since siblings say in college or in high school can avail of the same tutorial package for the same or minimal additional cost.

They say there is no substitute for effective traditional tutors- friendly senior students, siblings and parents. But since they are not always available and have limited time to spare, online tutorial services is rapidly filling the gap.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmass to All

Christmas is a spending season whether we like it or not. There are more than a hundred reasons not to mention the sales promotions being offered by malls, travel companies, air lines and even credit houses to entice people to spend more and part with their hard earned cash this season. For one Christmas is a season of giving and of traditional celebrations. So inevitably we have to part with our hard earned cash.
With the tight economy however, we can choose to be prudent in spending. Notice how much food and drinks are wasted during Noche Buena (midnight family gathering on Christmas eve) and new year's day? Maybe we can cut back a little on the menu and volume of food and drinks. For gifts, scour malls and retail stores for discounts and inexpensive give always. Instead of spending Christmas vacation somewhere, think of staying home this time. However activities to make Christmas at home more eventful and meaningful to family and love ones have to be carefully planned and executed.

Of course if you have money to burn or good financial prospects in the coming months, then by all means spend more and be generous. As they say, its not good to be stingy during Christmas.

If you are cash strapped this time just like myself and most of my friends, then let's plan to spend less but nevertheless rewarding Christmas experience with family and loved ones.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Surviving Economic Slowdowns

The recent and seemingly on-going economic slowdown of the US is a nagging concern to the rest of the world. When the world's richest and most powerful nation sneezes, the others have to hold their breath and brace for the worst. Hardest hit financially and psychologically are the ordinary citizens and even businessmen. The impact of an economy going sour is mostly felt by the common citizenry. Losing one's job or seeing friends losing theirs is a gut wrenching experience.

I do too worry what the future brings particularly to job security and ultimately to my pocket. I have bills and debts to pay. I have future must expenses. How to manage and meet all of these obligations given my limited financial resources and propensity to buy things on impulse is really daunting.

Unfortunately we have little or no influence on preventing job loses or business closures.
So as they say it, better use our resources and energy on factors we have control of. I do believe we can survive better economic meltdowns armed with basic knowledge and skills on financial concepts related to budgeting, debt management and credit sourcing.There are non-profit organizations offering such help programs and services. At least I happen to read one organization offering debt consolidation course and services. Those experiencing credit cards troubles for instance may find the debt consolidation techniques and services particularly helpful. Well,if you have the tendency to incur debts or buy things impulsively, then it may be opportune to avail of credit counseling services.

Nothing beats however self restraint during difficult financial conditions. Simply put, acquire only the things you need. If buying can be posponed or deferred do it. However if self restraint is very difficult for you then better start browsing for outside help.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Filipino Nation Celebrates Pacquiao's Triumph

In the Philippines, everything seem to take a backseat activities everytime Pacquiao fights. Crime and even insurgent activities drastically drop. The recent Pacquiao-Margarito fight was no exception. Everybody it seems is watching the fight. Glued to their TV sets or theater screens, folks all over the nation were shown in news footages spontaneously erupting into cheers everytime Pacquiao hits Margarito. Though the expected knockout did not materialize, the Filipinos were ecstatic over Pacquiao's victory. Pacquiao not only convincingly won the fight but now possess the distinction of topping eight weight divisions. This is unprecendented in the boxing history - a record to beat for a long long time. Here is a fearless boxer who fought the top boxers of his time in different wight divisions and beat them all. Yet in all of these successes, Pacquaio remains humble and well mannered. No wonder he is a boxing icon not only in this nation but the world over.

I watched the fight on a pay per view and later reviewed same twice on commercial channels. His speed, power and boxing savy is mezmerizing to watch.

A Pacquiao-Mayweather fight next? Unlikely. Most fight fans like me suspect, Mayweather has been scared of Pacquaio. Though Mayweather already seem to run out of credible reasons and alibis not to fight Pacquiao, expect his team to invent more silly ones. Anyway
Pacquiao doesn't need a Mayweather. Pacquaio has already attained boxing greatness.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Relocating To Other Places

Relocating to other places or country is a tough act. Leaving familiar grounds, friends and one's home for several years is a very difficult decision. Moving to other locations however commonly happens to people anywhere. I myself have stayed in the same place for years but I have not discounted the possibility that I will do transfer residence in the near future. People relocate for various reasons- searching for greener pastures, career advancement, new job, health reasons, adventure and the like.

Because relocating always involves transporting things and prized possessions, such activity must be carefully planned. To avoid the usual hassles that go with this activity, it may be prudent to consider hiring reliable professional moving companies. The Texas Movers may be worth a try. Moving things over long distances appears to be their expertise. The Texas Moving Companies likewise offer helpful tips on proper packing of things, legal documents and the like. With its locational advantage, these moving companies could be but the logical choice when one is moving to or leaving Texas .

When planning to transfer abroad, the Texas International Movers may be worth a call. These companies specialize in transporting belongings oversea.

There maybe lots of other moving companies out there. However it is reassuring to tap the services of entities with proven track record in transporting one's valuable possessions. Thus ensuring the timely, safe and damage free transport of one's valuables to target destination.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

World of Sports Betting

Hi everyone! Do you love the world of sports? Do you have your idols or maybe your favorite teams or players? Well, I think this is just the right stuff for you. I have been browsing for hours just to find something special on the world of sports. I myself have my favorite teams in different kind of sports.

Have you tried sports betting? I have and I love the thrill on whose going to win. Sports betting is somewhat predicting the outcome of a game or match by wagering on the result of the contest. Do you know that there are so many sports that we can bet on? Examples are on NFL, Baseball, Basketball and many more.

I say you too should try online sports betting and feel the feeling of thrill and excitement. You'll be glad that you've tried football sports betting online, other sports betting and experience the fun.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Remembering Our Loved Ones

Tomorrow November 2 is a very special day. People of all walks in life will go in droves to cemeteries to visit the graves of their loved ones. This is a day of remembering and praying for our departed parents, siblings, relatives and friends. This is also a day of reminiscing and reliving the past.

Remembering and honoring the dead is a noble tradition that all living should continue to commemorate without fail. We owe it to the people who loved us, who dearly meant something to us, people who enriched our lives and contributed to who we are today.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On Car repairs and road trip

Suddenly my car airconditioning system conked out. On a hot season, a faulty airconditioning system can be unbearable. A nearby auto repair shop diagnosed that the the compressor had to be replaced which is quite costly. Doubtful and seeking for a second opinion, I went to another shop. The diagnosis-a busted fuse. What a relief. Sounds familiar?  
To avoid possible rip off, it is prudent that car owners find and patronize competent and trustworthy car repair shops. I wish that our locality have a concentration  of several establishments organized like those of Dallas auto repair shops. Lower costs, better service and efficiency usually result with more competition.  
Knowing where you can have your car be reliably serviced and repaired can mean a lot particularly when you plan to take a long trip. There's nothing that can ruin your mood and schedule during a road trip than a malfunctioning car.  
Just like a typical car owner, a visit to my trusted repair shops is in order before any long trip. My car undergoes a thorough general check-up and servicing. I am particular that my brake system is in top shape so I always remind the serviceman to do a brake job now to correct or avoid future braking problems.    
Driving cars on long streches during weekends is  fun and exhilirating. Alone and sometimes with friends, I find it relaxing to go to rural areas through mountain ranges and flatlands relishing the seemingly endless vistas and panoramic views offered along the way. Sometimes though when my car is fully loaded and when I hit rough and or steep roads I simply wished I was driving a truck like the Chevrolet Silverado. My small car can barely handle the load.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Rescue of Chile's Miners

The recent successful rescue of the trapped 33 miners of San Jose Mine in Chile is truly an amazing feat- a triumph of engineering, crisis management and human endurance. That the 33 miners were alive and appears to be in good physical condition after being trapped almost half a kilometer down the dephts of the earth for more than 69 days is even a more greater achievement.  
The rescue as it unfolds was a gripping spectacle worth watching. I cannot help but mesmerized by the sight of the miners seemingly popping out. It is exhilarating to watch as the miners one by one emerged from the hole to the waiting arms of their loved ones and rescuers.  The seemingly pure joy that shines on the faces of the miners and love ones after days of waiting and worries is contagious. You too will feel happy and light as you watched.   
The Chilean government deserves a pat on the back for transforming what could have been another worse mining  disaster into a successful rescue event.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Online Tutoring for Difficult Subjects

My younger sister recently consulted me on certain topics on statistical analysis and Mathematics. She had a hard time understanding absorbing the lecture by her instructors and her reference textbooks were not very helpful. Unfortunately I am not well versed with the said topics and could not offer much to enlighten my dear sister. I passed the same subjects when I was a student but could no longer recall the details. Sounds familiar?

Fortunately online tutoring is available now a days for these difficult subjects.
As I find out,there is an on line tutoring specifically designed to help K-12 and college students. An online tutorial company for instance offers among others instant help on understanding concepts and solving problems related to statistics, mathematics and geometry. For probability related problems, this company developed a Probability calculator method. Tutorial for commonly encountered topics in mathematics like equivalent fractions and Prime Factorization and related topics appear to be covered extensively. Further tutorial help for line plot , Linear programming, isosceles triangle related computations, and bar graph constructions and analysis can likewise be availed online.

No doubt online tutorial can help a lot in making the students understand better difficult subjects. The sample problems and solving techniques are presented in simple,and easy to understand manner.For busy parents and siblings and those simply not conversant with similar topics,it may be prudent to tap online tutorial to help their students perform better in class.

As regards my sister? She was conveniently guided to the online tutorial.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Securing Homes and Prized Possesions

Providing greater protection to our homes and and loved ones and valued possessions like cars is a goal parents should pursue consistently. And surveillance systems and tracking devices are integral to the total security systems be at home and businesses. Depending on your budget, it pays to priorize acquisitions of these gadgets depending on your need and what will give you greater sense of security and peace of mind. 
For instance,one of the foremost worry of working spouses is what their children and or household helps are doing while they are at work. And in todays computer era and cyberspace predators, the proper use of home computers by children left at home ranks the most. If you find the need to discretely check on what your children or household members are doing and transacting  on your computer,at least I learned of one interesting  gadget available on the market that may address your need. Simple to use, this one is decidedly superior and more advanced than the typical Keylogger hardwares or softwares. With capability to bypass passwords, this stealth gadget can record everything (screens shots and texts) person is transacting on your computer including laptops.Further the person on surveillance would not know anything,since the intrusion to the computer virtually leaves no trace or undetectable and the deed done within  seconds (This covert device can be  removed from the computer after five seconds leaving no hardware).The same device of course can be used as well in the surveillance of computers used in businesses.  
There are a bewildering array of types security systems and surveillance gadgets in the market to consider.There are GPS tracking gadgets for small childrens and cars, surveillance or spy cameras and the like. I find the tracking devices for children very apealing. It alerts parents on the whereabouts and when their youngsters are in dangerous locations in the house.    
For those needing complex security and surveillance systems, it is best to refer to  professional security providers.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boost Mobile Reboost News

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Do you know that Boost Mobile phones are social in nature? You can actually do updating on social medias like facebook and twitter. I myself am loving this cool feature and the truth is that connecting to social medias is very important now a days because of the fact that this is where I can connect to my friends, followers and even my family. Being able to access social medias like facebook and twitter from Boost Mobile phones is very important because of the fact that being in constant touch with your love ones and friends keep the bond stronger and updated. And because of the love to connect to facebook, Boost Mobile devices offer unlimited connectivity to Facebook for one price per month.

Even greater exciting info on Boost Mobile Re-Boost is the popular phones Boost Mobile offers and their easy payment options. Blackberry phones like 8330, i856, i856w and i465 are the phone models from Blackberry that Boost Mobile offers. They also offers from pay as you go to monthly unlimited plans.

Wow this is an awesome news on Boost Mobile, I hope you got this clear everyone.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One more on Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

I am a self confessed boxing fan.I have witnessed and read the antics and tantrums thrown by boxing supertars.But nothing beats the noise and rubish heaped by Floyd Mayweather Jr.on Manny Pacquaio.

The verbal taunts are below the belt and uncalled for. The rantings unfortunately speaks volume of a scared and a fame jealous fighter. Floyd may fool a few, but not the greater majority of boxing fans. It is clear Floyd is scared stiff to fight the Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquaio.

Gentleman Manny Pacquaio has nothing to prove. He has gone up several weigh divisions to fight bigger guys and convincingly whipped them all. If this is not bravery at the exreme then what it is? Looking through Pacquaio's and those of Mayweather Jr's recent fights, it is apparent why Floyd is scared. Floyd's performances on these fights were boring and calculatingly safe.Those of Pacqauiao's were outstanding and exciting to behold. The praises heaped by the veteran sports casters on Pacquaio during his fights were am sure enough for Floyd to cringe in his seat. If Floyd will fight Pacquaio today, Floyd would surely be the underdog in the betting.

Floyd has run out of obstacles and alibis to dodge Pacquiao. At first, he wanted an Olympic style drug testing. That threw off the fight negotiation because Pacquaio didn't agree to it. When recently in a bid to clinch the fight, Pacquaio agrreed to such testing, Flyoyd sidestep the negotiation initiated by promoter Bob Arum by saying he is not interested to fight this year.Really?. I won't be surprised if Floyd will come up with another flimsy alibi not to fight Pacquaio next year.

One thing sure though Floyd's reluctance to fight Pacquaio do not sit well with fight fans. Not only that he has slipped from the top pound for pound rankings, he has fallen from his lofty pedestal in the eyes of the boxing fans. And the only way he will regain his standing and respect is by fighting the greatest boxer today - Manny Pacquaio.

Monday, August 30, 2010


My sympathy to the families of eight Hongkong nationals who perished in the recent Manila hostage crisis. It was a very sad incident. The casualties were part of a group of 25 tourists riding in bus when taken hostage by a former Manila policeman. Captain Rolando Mendoza, the hostage taker, was earlier dismissed from service due to a robbery extortion case filed against him.

Hostage taking can happen anywhere in the world with even much worse aftermath. However the kind of hostage rescue attempt done by the Manila’s SWAT team could happen only in the Philippines. It would be a pity if it would be duplicated elsewhere. I watched the live coverage of the hostage drama to the end.

Shots inside the bus were heard a few minutes after the brother of the hostage taker was seen on TV confronted and bodily hauled by the police because he was making a scene and uttering insinuations.

It was particularly agonizing to watch the botched rescue attempt. As the scenes unfolded, I could scarcely believe what was being done by the SWAT team. Maybe I watched too many movies. It was obvious the assault was poorly planned and executed. The team was ill- prepared and ill- equipped. Some do not have head gear. I saw only one member with shield. The team apparently moved silently in position at the sides, front and back of the bus. However they announced their moves by using a
sledge hammer to carve an opening into the bus. They attempted unsuccessfully to break the main front glass, back and side glasses and the front door. Their effort was almost comical. At one time the sledge hammer went sailing inside the bus and a member of the team had to expose his arm to retrieve it. I was wondering why the hostage taker did not fire in the direction of the noise . He fired what looks to me warning shots on the front and rear glass. Maybe he could not fire at his former comrades. They brought in a ladder and attempted to enter the at the opening they made at the back of the bus but had to retreat when a burst o gunfire from inside the bus sprayed the rear glass. They breaching of the bus took too long. More lives could have been saved.

As of this writing, a full dress investigation by Philippine authorities is underway. Some police officers were already relieved of their commands.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Ubiquitous Mailbox

I find it difficult to think of a household without a mailbox. Be in the city or far flung areas, there it is fronting residence or located at the corner of the property. For as long as we have mail correspondence and magazine subscriptions, we will need this utility box and its importance is not diminished even in this computer age. There will always be mailboxes in residences and in commercial establishments as well. And we will always be visiting the mailboxes to check and collect mail and magazine deliveries. If so isn’t it about time to afford our mailboxes a little importance? In this age of identify thief and high incidence of thievery, it may be wise to consider to replacing our old mailboxes with more secure but affordable mailboxes consistent with the valuables that are expected to be deposited and temporarily stored in them.

Those building their new homes or commercial buildings particularly should consider mailboxes in their master plan. What type and where to locate the mailboxes and accessories? There are two main types: wall mounted mailboxes which are installed in the doorstep; and curbside mailboxes which are installed outside the house. There is however a bewildering array of mailboxes sold in the market. Made of stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, wood and plastics, they come in various styles and shapes- victorian mailboxes, contemporary, traditional, classic, modern and the like. There are also a variety of locking and security systems to choose from. For choosy owners, unique mailboxes can be custom built to their liking and specifications. If the mailboxes will be located far from the house or building and the properties are extensive, it may be logical to install flags for mailboxes so both the mail delivery persons and the owners can
readily find them. Installation of purchased mailboxes often can be undertaken by the same company selling the said item.

It is prudent that aspiring homeowners personally select the mailboxes they really need to their liking not only to satisfy their intended purpose but also because owners overtime may attach sentimental value to their mailboxes. Going to the same mailboxes is part of the routine of owners. Thus to later alter or replace the mailboxes may be heart tugging. Also such action may be technically and aesthetically difficult to implement.

Monday, July 12, 2010


The great exploits of the world’s top pound for pound boxer Manny Pacquiao a top the ring certainly boosted the stock of the Filipino (Pinoy) boxers in the world boxing arena particularly among Pinoy’s boxing fans. This appears to rub on the Filipino Boxers. The Pinoy boxers themselves exude pride and confidence whenever they are in a fight as was the case of the four boxers taking on separate foes the past weekend. The result however was not something to crow about though to the credit of the four boxers they gave their all. Of the four only two emerged victorious.

In July 11, 2010, three Pinoy pugs Flash Nonito Donaire, Eden Sonsona and Bernabe Conception took on world rated foes in Puerto Rico. Only Nonito Donaire got to celebrate. Nonito Donaire stopped Hernan Marquez of Mexico in the ninth round retaining his title – WBA Interim Super Flyweight Champion. Nonito Donaire proved too classy, elusive and powerful knocking down Marquez twice with precision and powerful shots. His two other Pinoy compatriots however were not as lucky. Eden Sonsona who apparently was slightly ahead in the scorecards was surprisingly knocked out by his Puerto Rican opponent Jonathan Orquendo in the 9th round. Bernabe Conception miserably failed in his title bid. Falling once in the first round, he absorbed a second round knockout loss to current WBO Featherweight Champion Juan Manuel Lopez. He sure did scare the handlers and fans of his opponent during the first round. After getting up from a knock down and as Lopez trapped and pummeled him in a corner, Conception unleashed a vicious left hook which knocked Lopez down. The visibly startled Lopez immediately got up.

The fourth Pinoy boxer was Brian Villoria who took on Mexican Omar Soto in a 10 round bout in Manila, Philippines on July 10, 2010. Villoria won by a split decision however his performance certainly was far from impressive. I found the fight boring and wanting of action. Villoria apparently controlled the first five rounds, however he spent the next five rounds parrying and evading Soto’s blows. Soto visibly was the more aggressive fighter. Villoria was lucky. Had the fight been held in Mexico, the score cards could have been different.

The near debacle of the four Pinoy boxers in their recent boxing matches should serve as a wake up call. If Pinoy boxers are to sustain the positive boxing image they project, they should be up to the challenge in any international boxing match up.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Filipinos again have a reason to celebrate- the victory of Francisco “Django” Bustamante at the recent 2010 World Pool Championship held in Doha, Qatar. As reported in the major newspapers, Bustamante downed Kuo Po-cheng of Chinese Taipeh in the final match at a score of 13-7 finally capturing the crown which eluded him for years. For his effort, Bustamante pocketed the top prize of $ 36, 000.

The victory of Bustamante once again proved the dominance of Pinoys in the sport of Billiard. Bustamante joins four other earlier World Pool titlists- Efren Reyes, Ronnie Alcano, Alex Pagulayan and Rubilen Amit- the women’s 10-ball titlist.

Apparently, Billiard is a sport where height is not might. Filipinos are not known for height. Bustamante, Reyes, Pagulayan, Amit and many other Filipino world class cue artists are not tall players. Top billiard players from other countries like Ralf Souquet and Mika Immonen are not tall either.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Online Master of Arts in Teaching Degree

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of USC. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is a given that educators and other people working in the academic world consider a master degree a vital step in attaining career advancement and professional growth. Yet many may have failed or postpone taking this important step in their career. Academic loads, proximity to university offering the master course, difficulty in balancing family and job related activities with additional schooling to name few are indeed serious reasons keeping them from their goal.

To people in the academe and soon to be teachers facing above problems, a Master of Arts in Teaching Degree offered online maybe the best option for you. The high flexibility and convenience attendant to studying on-line could work to your advantage. You can study at your convenient time minus the hassles in traveling to and from school. Is there any school or institution offering such course? You may be interested to check out with the USC Rossier School of Education’s MAT@USC and obtain their program information for their on-line Master of Arts in Teaching Degree course. It is significant to know that USC has been around for about 100 years and claims to be an internationally distinguished research institution. Further USC provides additional benefits to takers such as a reimbursement program for MAT@USC graduates, full USC student status and benefits and free lifetime membership to its alumni association, opportunity to become a USC faculty and the like.

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Frozen Love

Have you been in love? Did you experience the perfect happiness or the endless sadness when in love? Have you been to any situation that one sacrifices for the happiness of the other? Is love really love when it comes to difficult situations? Have you tried listening to your thoughts than your heart? Did you arrive to situations that you frequently ask yourself "when? , why not? , if i do this and that? And what would be the outcome of this?". Too many questions frequently asked when a person is in love.

Today I will tell you something about a person who is in love but is so down and sad. I think now you are wondering why would a person who is so in love will be as sad as the moon. The answer is that this person is trapped within a trap. First the situation is this, he came from a break up and the girl too came from a break up but the problem is the girl still loves her X boyfriend. You will really feel the pain felt by this person shelling with sadness, persevering to lift all the problems in his hands and stumble to the deepest depths ever known to men. He is in the shadow of the girl waiting for the right moment, keeping himself strong and fighting his innermost thoughts to fight all impediments. Driven to what he feels is right, he has done nothing seeing the girl he loves still happy in the past and reminiscing memories of love that she had.

Through these, he decided to be as tranquil as a lake and still waiting for the right moment that the girl would feel the same. He still in the shadow trapped within the trap of the girl's frozen love of the past. Hoping that someday she will feel and understand that there is greater love near her and an undying love in the present than in the past.

If you are in the same situation what would you do? Do you have any thoughts or experiences in this kind of situation? Hope this would help ease the pain to those who have the same fate as he has and to just let it flow and not keep it to yourselves.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Precious Gold

Gold readily comes to mind when one thinks of precious metal. No one metal comes close to our consciousness and heart than gold. And most often, gold is associated with jewelries. Rightly so because gold is associated with the things we traditionally and personally value and treasure – gold jewelries, gold coin collections, gold plated watches to name few. Often these valuables are given to us as gifts and bequeaths handed to us from generation to generation. If so desired, the price of gold creations is not beyond reach for most of us. Many though buy them using their hard earned money to pamper themselves. Big gold medallions and necklaces can be seen displayed on the necks of returning overseas Filipino workers. The same are displayed by Indian women and even their men folk during important gatherings.

Gold in its pure form is soft and malleable. Metals like copper, silver, nickel and others have to be alloyed to make the gold perform its intended use. Alloys primarily make the gold harder and acquire metallurgical properties for its intended application. The gold content is measured in karats. Pure gold is designated 24K. Your gold jewelries could be 18k, 14k, 12k or 10k.

You guess it right! There are other equally important use for gold but nowhere is the use of gold most extensive than in the jewelry industry and art sector. Gold finds use in the Medicine and food industry? Yes not only during ancient times but in our time- Gold concoction injected to reduce swelling of some type of arthritis and tuberculosis and gold dusts for some delectable foods notably sweets and drinks. In electronics, due to its high conductivity, gold is used as electrical wiring for high power applications.( I come to know of power stations using gold contacts for their power switches.)

With the many high end uses of gold, no wonder it is one of the most sought after precious metal and the number 3 most expensive metal on earth. Alas buying or trading gold in bulk or substantial quantity is not that easy. Major industry players and big time individual investors trade and buy spot gold (gold available for transaction) in bullion or bars in the gold spot market. And there are rigid rules and procedures to follow which should be further explored by the interested parties.

One more use of gold. Financial institutions and wizards acquire gold bullion or bars from the some market as hedge against inflation or perceived future economic hardships. This is because gold price is relatively stable and the trend is for the gold prices to appreciate over time.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Online Statistics Help

Having great time people? Today we are going to tackle online tutoring. Not just an online tutoring but a world class online tutoring. I think this would help everyone up especially to those who are having hard time absorbing Statistics help. I have found a great info in the web and I would like to share this to everyone. So here it is.

Have you heard about an online tutoring on statistics? Statistics is a hard subject that I think needs attention to understand the essence of it. Some students may have difficulties on it or maybe they haven't understand a topic or topics that probably will bring them down on examinations.

The web has its answers now through
Statistics problems. It is a fun way to understand chemistry with the use of an interactive whiteboard to work problems, simulations, assessments and other tasks. Statistics tutor that is available is a graduate who undergone months of training and pass a stringent certification process.

So that's it, I think many are finding this kind of post that would help them understand more about chemistry.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day - Father and Son

An original version of Cat Stevens - Father and Son. Happy Father's day to all the fathers who have done extra-ordinary things for his family. Keep it up!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Car Donation for Vietnam War Veterans

Just got up from a tiring day and I hope I will have a great day today. My thoughts are still attached to those brave soldiers who have fought wars for the sake of his country. Soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for their love of freedom and were always there when we needed them the most.

Today, they need us the most. The best way to help them is to donate car to charity. Your car donations will help Vietnam War Veterans of America for their benefits that they deserve to have.

Support the freedom defenders of America and say "I will donate my car for the freedom that I am enjoying right now". Help them as they have helped you during those hard times.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup 2010 News

The Swiss shocks the Spaniards in a score of 0:1. This is just like a knock-out punch thrown in boxing. The Spaniard's offense was overwhelming but still the Switzerland team did an amazing job of keeping Spain on their toe.

Unbelievable! That's the word you will hear from thousands to millions but hear this one "You may attack a thousand punch but be careful a great big punch will get you knocked out easily"

Gelson Fernandes(52') did the damage on the 52nd minute of the game.

Honduras Vs Chile 0:1 Jean BEAUSEJOUR (34').

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Extreme Volleyball Failure

Here's what will happen if you don't keep your eye on the ball. See the results guys, he got a massive perfect face shot.

Please don't do this at home people.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Have a Snack with This Amazing Pic

http://bilarboy.blogspot.comLove to see this pic on my free time. Imagine directing this angry lion and I don't know if it did follow the director's command.

Realizing this kind of pic would actually be viewed through search engine placement optimization by many viewers that loves amazing pictures.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Life Lost at Winter Olympics

Sad lost for the life lost at Winter Olympics event, a competitor lost his life during his practice. He accidentally bump his head that caused his death. Considerably, we can assume whose fault it is but the fact that a life has been lost is a very sad thing to take it for granted. We should really act little step at a time to see the real causes of the sad event.

Sad day but the officials have said about the contest must go on. Hope the life that has been lost should be remembered always.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Raw Video of Walmart TV Smashed

A quick view of how people do get crazy and smash everything in his path. This wal-mart raw video of a man striking on televisions is alarming to establishments.

How can one stop this kind of act if his choice is really is to smash everything up.