Monday, July 12, 2010


The great exploits of the world’s top pound for pound boxer Manny Pacquiao a top the ring certainly boosted the stock of the Filipino (Pinoy) boxers in the world boxing arena particularly among Pinoy’s boxing fans. This appears to rub on the Filipino Boxers. The Pinoy boxers themselves exude pride and confidence whenever they are in a fight as was the case of the four boxers taking on separate foes the past weekend. The result however was not something to crow about though to the credit of the four boxers they gave their all. Of the four only two emerged victorious.

In July 11, 2010, three Pinoy pugs Flash Nonito Donaire, Eden Sonsona and Bernabe Conception took on world rated foes in Puerto Rico. Only Nonito Donaire got to celebrate. Nonito Donaire stopped Hernan Marquez of Mexico in the ninth round retaining his title – WBA Interim Super Flyweight Champion. Nonito Donaire proved too classy, elusive and powerful knocking down Marquez twice with precision and powerful shots. His two other Pinoy compatriots however were not as lucky. Eden Sonsona who apparently was slightly ahead in the scorecards was surprisingly knocked out by his Puerto Rican opponent Jonathan Orquendo in the 9th round. Bernabe Conception miserably failed in his title bid. Falling once in the first round, he absorbed a second round knockout loss to current WBO Featherweight Champion Juan Manuel Lopez. He sure did scare the handlers and fans of his opponent during the first round. After getting up from a knock down and as Lopez trapped and pummeled him in a corner, Conception unleashed a vicious left hook which knocked Lopez down. The visibly startled Lopez immediately got up.

The fourth Pinoy boxer was Brian Villoria who took on Mexican Omar Soto in a 10 round bout in Manila, Philippines on July 10, 2010. Villoria won by a split decision however his performance certainly was far from impressive. I found the fight boring and wanting of action. Villoria apparently controlled the first five rounds, however he spent the next five rounds parrying and evading Soto’s blows. Soto visibly was the more aggressive fighter. Villoria was lucky. Had the fight been held in Mexico, the score cards could have been different.

The near debacle of the four Pinoy boxers in their recent boxing matches should serve as a wake up call. If Pinoy boxers are to sustain the positive boxing image they project, they should be up to the challenge in any international boxing match up.

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