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Pacman Vs Hitman

Many will be wondering who will fall and who will emerge victorious in the fight of the year between Pacman and Hitman. People are crazy in predicting the toughest fight of Pacquiao and the hardest fight of Hatton. Each guy has the capability of inflecting heavy and amplified damage which may be decided by one big punch.

Records show that the "Hitman" has an excellent record of 45 W - 1 L - 0 D - 32 KOs that is 69.57%. The "Hitman" is 30 years old ,5'7''1/2 in height and got the reach of 65".This guy is very impressive in the ring having fought in his previous 5 opponents.
Paul Malignaggi - W TKO 11 round
Juan Lazcano - W UD 12 round
Floyd Mayweather Jr - L TKO 10 round
Jose Luis Castillo - W KO 4 round
Juan Urango - W UD 12 round

Records also show that Manny "Pacman" has a legendary record of defeating Mexican Legends of our time. He has an outstanding record of 48 W - 3 L - 2 D - 36 KOs that is 67.92%…

Swine Flu Alert!

This news is very frightening and the WHO or World Health Organization warned the world to be on alert for any unusual flu outbreaks after a unique swine flu was implicated to dozens of human deaths in North America. This made Margaret Chan the Director-General of WHO to constitute the public health emergency into international concern. This means that countries around the world will be ask to report any suspicious flu like viruses which maybe a pandemic potential because of it's an animal virus strain infecting humans.
At least 62 people have died from a severe pneumonia with a flu-like illness of that in Mexico which was confirmed by WHO. Some of those who died reportedly died with unique cases of flu. Some flu infected to those who died where combination of bird, pig and human viruses.
The good news is that 8 people that were reportedly infected with swine flu recovered in California and Texas.
As for now, countries around the world are making their efforts to contain the flu and …

Did you know?

Random Facts of the Day!

The first person known to have died of radiation poisoning was scientist Marie Curie. She and her husband were the discoverers of radium.

I remember this name in elementary and was curious about her. Well there she is the first one who died with radiation. Wow! God bless you guys.

Did You Know?

Random Facts of the Day!

Did you know that the cover of the very first issue of "Rolling Stone" magazine featured John Lennon.

Keep rockiN' guys.. Tc always

North Korea says it 's Nuclear Facilities has Startover

An article that I have read that in 2006 long-range missile test and an underground nuclear test just months later alarmed the world and prompted U.N. Security Council resolutions and sanctions against North Korea barring it from ballistic missile-related activity. Sure it was alarming and this cause the world to make confrontations against North Korea.
And after a year of serious talks North Korea agreed on the six-nation deal that required to dismantle the North Korean atomic program in exchange with 1 million tons of fuel oil and other concessions.
In 2008 which in November 2007 started the disarmament, the process came to a sudden halt because the undying dispute with Washington's verification to the North Korea's 18,000-page list of past nuclear activities.
With talks in a hold up, North Korea announced earlier this year that it would launch a multistage rocket and this would violate the 2006 resolutions. With all against it's launching of the rocket, still North Korea l…

Did you know?

Random Facts of the Day!
The West Wind Drift, one of the main ocean currents in the southern hemisphere, carries 2,000 times more water than the Amazon River. It flows more than twice as fast as a person can swim.

Quote for Lefties:
"If the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, and the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, then left-handed people must be the only ones in their right minds." - W.C. Fields

Famous Left Handed Us Presidents:
Bill Clinton
Herbert Hoover
George Bush
James A. Garfield
Gerald Ford
Ronald Reagan
Harry S. Truman

Posted this one for I am a member of the Left-handed PipZ... Chow all!...

Heavy but Slow

Pacquiao is confident with Hatton's claims of destroying the No.1 Pound for Pound Boxer in the World. Hatton devoted himself on training for the fight of his life in May 3,2009. He is confident to bring Pacquiao down for he will be bigger and stronger than Pacquiao after the weigh-in. He said of hitting the 154 lbs weight after the weigh-in. This will enable him to just receive any punch from Pacquiao and just take it with no damage afflected to him. Creating exhaustion to Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and creating opportunityfor him to maneuver around and dominate the ring.
The weight limit is pegged at 140 lbs and that’s where both fighters should be during the official weigh-in. Boxers have the capability of gaining upto 24 lbs in just 24 hours after making their body's full potential. And surely this is what Hatton wants.

The coach of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao Freddie Roach said “Food makes you sluggish and dulls your senses. If they think they’re gonna be strong…

Lakers on the Run

Los Angeles Lakers sink Utah Jazz twice now. Lakers leads 2-0 in the best of seven series in the first round of the 2009 NBA Playoffs. Kobe shackled Williams' team with great pride and slammed them down with his phenomenal hoops. Though the Jazz seems determined to win the game, Lakers got the mind set of winning the series in 4-0 bringing other teams' buff to negative. All the players in the team contributed to its victory and this dissapointed the visiting Utah Jazz.

Game 2 sure was competitive as Williams poured everything his got to snatch victory and to try tie the series. Despite Williams scored 35 points with Boozer 20 points still these were not enough to deny the unstoppable Lakers.
Lakers won 119-109.
Maybe game 3 will be a different story. In basketball the ball is round like our lives spinning up, mid, and down and implies that anybody could win the game.

Earth Day Guys

Good day to you guys. Do you know that it's Earth Day today? It's April 22, 2009 and we are to celebrate this day to give importance and be reminded of the wonderful world we have. This is the day that we should start to ourselves the changes we seek to make a greener Earth.
Guys do you know that the climate is changing? Have you notice some changes in the weather?Maybe Mother Earth needs more attention and love by us than anyone else. From this day forward, I would like you guys to start loving our environment and make your choices to save Mother Earth.
Start now and be wise... Happy Earth day to you all guys.. Rock On always!

Nobel Prize-winning Scientist Turns 100

Do you know that this 99 year old woman scientist still works? Her name is Rita Levi Montalcini and she will turn 100 on Wednesday. She is a Nobel Prize winner shared with American Stanley Cohen for discovering mechanisms that regulate the growth of cells and organs. Wow this woman is amazing. She even quoted that her brain is sharper than it was when she was 20. She also serves as a senator for life in Italy. I am out of words with this woman she is just amazing.
Hope she will have more birthdays to come and share more of her knowledge.

Is There Still Jobs Available in a Down Economy?

Good afternoon guys.. Have you ever thought that maybe after you have graduated in college with a high degree you will not find a job because of the economic crisis? After the economic crisis hit the economy globally many graduates and unemployed workers flooded the job seeking world.
According to an article that I have read that there were company that haven't been affected by the economic crisis and even quoted that "It's going to take more than a global economic crisis to keep some companies and industries down." And according to US Department of Labor that there are job vacancies currently over 2 million nationwide(United States). This downturn made employers take advantage of the situation from the flooded job market and build their talent pool.

These are the jobs that are in great demand in the US:
Product Engineer
Settling into a Hospitality Career
Hotel Manager
Getting Down to Business
Management Consultant
IT(Information Technology)
Systems Administrator

TV's Top Moneymaker

Good day folks. I just want to share this news to you all. As a viewer of "The American Idol" I was happy that they are no.1 in rank in prime-time. When it comes to prime-time, "The American Idol" is the Super Bowl and that means it is viewed by millions of viewers and means no.1 in the prime-time ratings. With a combined average audience of 26 million viewers thus far this season, an average telecast of FOX's singing competition rakes in $7 million more than that of the second most expensive show. Can you think of that all eyes in same channel, millions and millions of eyes in the same hour watching "The American Idol". Try watch unique singing talents that you haven't seen before. I assure you that you will enjoy your time watching and will never say a waste of time.
*The "American Idol" telecast varies in length throughout the season. This figure averages Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Return of Yao

Yao is back after missing a game with a sore right foot. This news concerned rocket's fans for they are seeded no.3 in the Western Conference but is tied up with San Antanio and Portland. This only means competition and a battle that will be well fought. The coach of Rockets Coach Rick Adelman explained to the fans of Rockets that Yao seems to be fine but we made observations to him and his foot responded well and seemed fine. These were the lines Coach Rick delivered. "He seems to be fine," Adelman said. "We thought it wasn't going to be anything and fortunately, it wasn't. If it was something where they thought it would help (to rest), then that would've been a different story. But no one was concerned about it." I hope Yao is fine and will return to the game because playoffs is fast approaching and the rockets really needs the big man. So Rockets' fans no worries Yao is back for good and hope he will not have any injuries in each game played.

Cavaliers Sign Jawad Williams

The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed forward Jawad Williams to a contract, Cavaliers General Manager Danny Ferry announced today. Per team and league policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Williams (6-9, 220 pounds) played in nine games this season with the Cavaliers. In 10 total minutes, Williams scored four points and recorded one steal.
I have researched on Jawad Williams and surprised me a lot that this man has a soft touch of shooting the ball. He has an average of 25.7 points a game, percentage of .454 shooting, 4.2 rebounds, 2.3 assists and has a playing time of 36.5 minutes per game. These stats is recorded during the Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the NBA Development League. This man is an asset to Cleveland Cavaliers as they really need this quality of a player and his position as a forward is not bad for he scores big time.
Hope to see more of him doing big plays in every game and help Cleveland Cavaliers in their road to Championship.
Cleveland Cavaliers is rank 1 in the Ea…

Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars is a browser-based game set in the Middle Ages. Every player controls a small village, striving for power and glory.Sometimes as I have experienced in this game, it was luck that made me survive in playing this game. There were players who thought their neighbors were very strong and active. So their tactics of conventional warfare was to wait for other players to attack and then counter them with the troops left after annihilation. These people who are playing this kind of tactics lived and enjoyed the later part of the game. I really do love playing this game but later part if you survive is the most boring part where there are no wars to fight and many noble coins to mint. (sigh)..
Overall, it leveled my game tactics...chow! nice game