Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Return of Yao

Yao is back after missing a game with a sore right foot. This news concerned rocket's fans for they are seeded no.3 in the Western Conference but is tied up with San Antanio and Portland. This only means competition and a battle that will be well fought. The coach of Rockets Coach Rick Adelman explained to the fans of Rockets that Yao seems to be fine but we made observations to him and his foot responded well and seemed fine. These were the lines Coach Rick delivered. "He seems to be fine," Adelman said. "We thought it wasn't going to be anything and fortunately, it wasn't. If it was something where they thought it would help (to rest), then that would've been a different story. But no one was concerned about it." I hope Yao is fine and will return to the game because playoffs is fast approaching and the rockets really needs the big man. So Rockets' fans no worries Yao is back for good and hope he will not have any injuries in each game played.

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