Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pacman Vs Hitman

Many will be wondering who will fall and who will emerge victorious in the fight of the year between Pacman and Hitman. People are crazy in predicting the toughest fight of Pacquiao and the hardest fight of Hatton. Each guy has the capability of inflecting heavy and amplified damage which may be decided by one big punch.

Records show that the "Hitman" has an excellent record of 45 W - 1 L - 0 D - 32 KOs that is 69.57%. The "Hitman" is 30 years old ,5'7''1/2 in height and got the reach of 65".This guy is very impressive in the ring having fought in his previous 5 opponents.
Paul Malignaggi - W TKO 11 round
Juan Lazcano - W UD 12 round
Floyd Mayweather Jr - L TKO 10 round
Jose Luis Castillo - W KO 4 round
Juan Urango - W UD 12 round

Records also show that Manny "Pacman" has a legendary record of defeating Mexican Legends of our time. He has an outstanding record of 48 W - 3 L - 2 D - 36 KOs that is 67.92%. Manny is 29 years of age, has the height of 5'6"1/2 and got the reach of 67". His previous 5 opponents were of the greatest. Opponents:
Oscar De La Hoya - W TKO 8 round
David Diaz - W TKO 9 round
Juan Manuel Marquez - W SD 12 round
Marco Antonio Barrera - W UD 12 round
Jorge Solis - W KO 8 round

Predicting the outcome of this fight would really take a vivid evaluation and should really see each fighter's advantages and disadvantages. Negating the aspects of the training because we know that the two are well-equipped and are well-prepared to brawl to their limits. Both boxers are eager to knock out his opponent with their secret punches mastered.

My prediction would be a knockdown in the 4th-5th round or less with a combination to the body followed by a left hook created by Manny"Pacman"Pacquiao to Ricky Hitman " Hatton".
If the fight will end in the 12th round Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao will emerge victorious with a UD or Unanimous Decision. So it's very clear that my predictions are for Manny to win.

These are my thoughts of the fight.
What's yours?


  1. thank you so much hope to see you more here... God bless

  2. that's cool! well let just see what will happen to my predictions.. do you have some?

  3. Hi again , i bet it's Pacman who's gonna win. I'm not a true blooded fan of him but neither Hatton. So I would have to agree with your predictions too..He'd reached that far, experience tells.

  4. yup yup...nice.. predictions are predictions. All we have to do now is to really feel the fight and relax for a bit. We know that both fighters have his advantages to his opponent. In terms of speed Pacman wins but in terms of stability and hardness inside the ring Hitman wins. So we don't have to be overconfident with our predictions because we know they both trained hard for the fight.

  5. o thanks.. well i see that the title of this fight is "The Battle of East and West".. Well sure I am from the East and I know how strong Manny is that's why i have high regard when he is on the ring. So God bless guys. This fight will be a hell of a fight and I know millions of millions of people around the world will be watching the fight of the decade.

  6. Bakit di Kasali si Larios
    at si morales sa mga naibilang?
    mga bigatin din sila Diba? mga mejikano din..lols

  7. Those mentioned were the 5 last opponents of Manny Pacquiao before Hatton's fight. Hehe.. Yup Larios is a great fighter and we cannot forget how hard was he on the fight with Manny.