Friday, April 17, 2009

TV's Top Moneymaker

Good day folks. I just want to share this news to you all. As a viewer of "The American Idol" I was happy that they are no.1 in rank in prime-time. When it comes to prime-time, "The American Idol" is the Super Bowl and that means it is viewed by millions of viewers and means no.1 in the prime-time ratings. With a combined average audience of 26 million viewers thus far this season, an average telecast of FOX's singing competition rakes in $7 million more than that of the second most expensive show. Can you think of that all eyes in same channel, millions and millions of eyes in the same hour watching "The American Idol". Try watch unique singing talents that you haven't seen before. I assure you that you will enjoy your time watching and will never say a waste of time.

*The "American Idol" telecast varies in length throughout the season. This figure averages Tuesday and Wednesday.

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