Saturday, April 25, 2009

North Korea says it 's Nuclear Facilities has Startover

An article that I have read that in 2006 long-range missile test and an underground nuclear test just months later alarmed the world and prompted U.N. Security Council resolutions and sanctions against North Korea barring it from ballistic missile-related activity. Sure it was alarming and this cause the world to make confrontations against North Korea.
And after a year of serious talks North Korea agreed on the six-nation deal that required to dismantle the North Korean atomic program in exchange with 1 million tons of fuel oil and other concessions.
In 2008 which in November 2007 started the disarmament, the process came to a sudden halt because the undying dispute with Washington's verification to the North Korea's 18,000-page list of past nuclear activities.
With talks in a hold up, North Korea announced earlier this year that it would launch a multistage rocket and this would violate the 2006 resolutions. With all against it's launching of the rocket, still North Korea launch the rocket on April 5. The bad thing of this multistage rocket is that it can carry warheads so it could launch from space to any targeted targets anywhere in the world.
Of all these happenings Moscow will send Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to Pyongyang on Thursday and will try to convince North Korea to be back in the negotiating table.
Hope this chapter of the world would end soon enough that everyone will be safe with man's selfishness and arrogance.

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