Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swine Flu Alert!

This news is very frightening and the WHO or World Health Organization warned the world to be on alert for any unusual flu outbreaks after a unique swine flu was implicated to dozens of human deaths in North America. This made Margaret Chan the Director-General of WHO to constitute the public health emergency into international concern. This means that countries around the world will be ask to report any suspicious flu like viruses which maybe a pandemic potential because of it's an animal virus strain infecting humans.
At least 62 people have died from a severe pneumonia with a flu-like illness of that in Mexico which was confirmed by WHO. Some of those who died reportedly died with unique cases of flu. Some flu infected to those who died where combination of bird, pig and human viruses.
The good news is that 8 people that were reportedly infected with swine flu recovered in California and Texas.
As for now, countries around the world are making their efforts to contain the flu and alerting all authorities to be on alert to any possible outbreaks of swine flu. WHO said that there are no suspicious flu cases reported so far by countries around the world.


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  3. Yup! If WHO or World Health Organization will do its role and contain the virus then it would be relaxing for us and helpful for all the people in the world not to be scared anymore with the Swine Flu

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  5. serious it is.. hope everyone will be at ease soon..