Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is There Still Jobs Available in a Down Economy?

Good afternoon guys.. Have you ever thought that maybe after you have graduated in college with a high degree you will not find a job because of the economic crisis? After the economic crisis hit the economy globally many graduates and unemployed workers flooded the job seeking world.
According to an article that I have read that there were company that haven't been affected by the economic crisis and even quoted that "It's going to take more than a global economic crisis to keep some companies and industries down." And according to US Department of Labor that there are job vacancies currently over 2 million nationwide(United States). This downturn made employers take advantage of the situation from the flooded job market and build their talent pool.

These are the jobs that are in great demand in the US:
Product Engineer
Settling into a Hospitality Career
Hotel Manager
Getting Down to Business
Management Consultant
IT(Information Technology)
Systems Administrator

Hope you will find the job you are seeking with in this list of high demand jobs.

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