Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Frozen Love

Have you been in love? Did you experience the perfect happiness or the endless sadness when in love? Have you been to any situation that one sacrifices for the happiness of the other? Is love really love when it comes to difficult situations? Have you tried listening to your thoughts than your heart? Did you arrive to situations that you frequently ask yourself "when? , why not? , if i do this and that? And what would be the outcome of this?". Too many questions frequently asked when a person is in love.

Today I will tell you something about a person who is in love but is so down and sad. I think now you are wondering why would a person who is so in love will be as sad as the moon. The answer is that this person is trapped within a trap. First the situation is this, he came from a break up and the girl too came from a break up but the problem is the girl still loves her X boyfriend. You will really feel the pain felt by this person shelling with sadness, persevering to lift all the problems in his hands and stumble to the deepest depths ever known to men. He is in the shadow of the girl waiting for the right moment, keeping himself strong and fighting his innermost thoughts to fight all impediments. Driven to what he feels is right, he has done nothing seeing the girl he loves still happy in the past and reminiscing memories of love that she had.

Through these, he decided to be as tranquil as a lake and still waiting for the right moment that the girl would feel the same. He still in the shadow trapped within the trap of the girl's frozen love of the past. Hoping that someday she will feel and understand that there is greater love near her and an undying love in the present than in the past.

If you are in the same situation what would you do? Do you have any thoughts or experiences in this kind of situation? Hope this would help ease the pain to those who have the same fate as he has and to just let it flow and not keep it to yourselves.

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  1. nice one jules! but mine has different scenario. there was no 3rd party involve...

    I like this line --> a person who is so in love will be as sad as the moon =(