Saturday, September 25, 2010

Online Tutoring for Difficult Subjects

My younger sister recently consulted me on certain topics on statistical analysis and Mathematics. She had a hard time understanding absorbing the lecture by her instructors and her reference textbooks were not very helpful. Unfortunately I am not well versed with the said topics and could not offer much to enlighten my dear sister. I passed the same subjects when I was a student but could no longer recall the details. Sounds familiar?

Fortunately online tutoring is available now a days for these difficult subjects.
As I find out,there is an on line tutoring specifically designed to help K-12 and college students. An online tutorial company for instance offers among others instant help on understanding concepts and solving problems related to statistics, mathematics and geometry. For probability related problems, this company developed a Probability calculator method. Tutorial for commonly encountered topics in mathematics like equivalent fractions and Prime Factorization and related topics appear to be covered extensively. Further tutorial help for line plot , Linear programming, isosceles triangle related computations, and bar graph constructions and analysis can likewise be availed online.

No doubt online tutorial can help a lot in making the students understand better difficult subjects. The sample problems and solving techniques are presented in simple,and easy to understand manner.For busy parents and siblings and those simply not conversant with similar topics,it may be prudent to tap online tutorial to help their students perform better in class.

As regards my sister? She was conveniently guided to the online tutorial.

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