Sunday, December 26, 2010

More on online Tutorials

Top schools and those vying to be competitive often go for high academic standards. And their teachers appear to have a penchant for making the life of students even harder. Some teachers keep lectures and explanations short leaving students to fill in considerable gaps in understanding the subject matter. Tests are difficult and sometimes include topics not covered by their lectures. We often hear these complaints from students. Some of course are alibis for low grades. However I did experience these anomalies when I was a student in a state college.

I would say that a tutor is even more relevant to students now a days. To stay competitive or pass difficult subjects, tutors could help a lot. Fortunately there are online tutorial programs offered by some companies mostly for a fee. They can provide an online tutor to address one's tutorial needs promptly. Certainly online tutorial services is a big help to students.

It is wise to choose leading on line tutorial companies offering comprehensive programs covering all subject matters particularly the difficult ones. Such tutorial programs should offer in addition to others, at least an online math tutor , an algebra tutor, physics tutor and chemistry tutor since most students have a hard time with these subjects. Further it would be an advantage if the same program covers subjects in different school levels. This is an advantage since siblings say in college or in high school can avail of the same tutorial package for the same or minimal additional cost.

They say there is no substitute for effective traditional tutors- friendly senior students, siblings and parents. But since they are not always available and have limited time to spare, online tutorial services is rapidly filling the gap.

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