Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Almost had it

Well guys, this is my first time blogging and made this time of the day reserve for you guys. I have a story to tell or shall we say experiences experienced that made me, my team and friends better than ever.

It all started with the name "thesis" but in our department it is called "IT special project". The best thing here is that all of my friends with their team finished their special project's proposal. You can see heaven in their smiles like all should turn out fine. Months passed and all seems well. Then an event took place that is to make a short film with a time duration of 13-20 minutes. We, joined the event and showcased what we got and was our first time joining. This made us all forgot that we have a special project to finish. In doing the film, we all have our high hopes in winning the festival. The best part of it was that we totally enjoyed making the film, working together as a team, creating good friendship and developing our basic knowledge in film making. And the bad part was the end of the semester was fast approaching and basically my friends were graduating in the said semester except me and a friend who were shiftee from a different course. We did win 6 major awards including best editing,best director,best story and the event's title best short film. The aftermath of the success was to double our efforts in studying fast approaching examinations, finishing the special project, and passing all deliverables in some subjects. Knowing the situation my team composed of three(two are non-graduating including me and a graduating) fasten up to catch up in the eleventh-hour. This is the time pressure started to build up for our teamate to graduate and needs to finish what needs to be finished. Let's just say for you to feel the pressure it was like suicidal that it is better to die to forget the situation, and the mood were unstable like burning papers to ashes. Until the time all hopes were down and you just noticed that you can now smell the fresh air around you. We almost finished the special project in time but still lacks the time to make it happen. The sad part was our friend did not graduate who was part of the team and who made almost all impossible to possible like it was magic. Inclined to it was another team who were my friends did not graduate and they too almost finished their special project. After all, we did the best we could to make it possible.

In this part of my life I have learned great learning experiences in life that I hope I have shared with you and hope you have learned something out of it. "What seeds you plant is what you will harvest"