Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Precious Gold

Gold readily comes to mind when one thinks of precious metal. No one metal comes close to our consciousness and heart than gold. And most often, gold is associated with jewelries. Rightly so because gold is associated with the things we traditionally and personally value and treasure – gold jewelries, gold coin collections, gold plated watches to name few. Often these valuables are given to us as gifts and bequeaths handed to us from generation to generation. If so desired, the price of gold creations is not beyond reach for most of us. Many though buy them using their hard earned money to pamper themselves. Big gold medallions and necklaces can be seen displayed on the necks of returning overseas Filipino workers. The same are displayed by Indian women and even their men folk during important gatherings.

Gold in its pure form is soft and malleable. Metals like copper, silver, nickel and others have to be alloyed to make the gold perform its intended use. Alloys primarily make the gold harder and acquire metallurgical properties for its intended application. The gold content is measured in karats. Pure gold is designated 24K. Your gold jewelries could be 18k, 14k, 12k or 10k.

You guess it right! There are other equally important use for gold but nowhere is the use of gold most extensive than in the jewelry industry and art sector. Gold finds use in the Medicine and food industry? Yes not only during ancient times but in our time- Gold concoction injected to reduce swelling of some type of arthritis and tuberculosis and gold dusts for some delectable foods notably sweets and drinks. In electronics, due to its high conductivity, gold is used as electrical wiring for high power applications.( I come to know of power stations using gold contacts for their power switches.)

With the many high end uses of gold, no wonder it is one of the most sought after precious metal and the number 3 most expensive metal on earth. Alas buying or trading gold in bulk or substantial quantity is not that easy. Major industry players and big time individual investors trade and buy spot gold (gold available for transaction) in bullion or bars in the gold spot market. And there are rigid rules and procedures to follow which should be further explored by the interested parties.

One more use of gold. Financial institutions and wizards acquire gold bullion or bars from the some market as hedge against inflation or perceived future economic hardships. This is because gold price is relatively stable and the trend is for the gold prices to appreciate over time.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Online Statistics Help

Having great time people? Today we are going to tackle online tutoring. Not just an online tutoring but a world class online tutoring. I think this would help everyone up especially to those who are having hard time absorbing Statistics help. I have found a great info in the web and I would like to share this to everyone. So here it is.

Have you heard about an online tutoring on statistics? Statistics is a hard subject that I think needs attention to understand the essence of it. Some students may have difficulties on it or maybe they haven't understand a topic or topics that probably will bring them down on examinations.

The web has its answers now through
Statistics problems. It is a fun way to understand chemistry with the use of an interactive whiteboard to work problems, simulations, assessments and other tasks. Statistics tutor that is available is a graduate who undergone months of training and pass a stringent certification process.

So that's it, I think many are finding this kind of post that would help them understand more about chemistry.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day - Father and Son

An original version of Cat Stevens - Father and Son. Happy Father's day to all the fathers who have done extra-ordinary things for his family. Keep it up!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Car Donation for Vietnam War Veterans

Just got up from a tiring day and I hope I will have a great day today. My thoughts are still attached to those brave soldiers who have fought wars for the sake of his country. Soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for their love of freedom and were always there when we needed them the most.

Today, they need us the most. The best way to help them is to donate car to charity. Your car donations will help Vietnam War Veterans of America for their benefits that they deserve to have.

Support the freedom defenders of America and say "I will donate my car for the freedom that I am enjoying right now". Help them as they have helped you during those hard times.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup 2010 News

The Swiss shocks the Spaniards in a score of 0:1. This is just like a knock-out punch thrown in boxing. The Spaniard's offense was overwhelming but still the Switzerland team did an amazing job of keeping Spain on their toe.

Unbelievable! That's the word you will hear from thousands to millions but hear this one "You may attack a thousand punch but be careful a great big punch will get you knocked out easily"

Gelson Fernandes(52') did the damage on the 52nd minute of the game.

Honduras Vs Chile 0:1 Jean BEAUSEJOUR (34').