Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weeding out corruption in the Philippines

The vision and ongoing drive of the present government of President Noynoy Aquino to eliminate graft and corruption and to promote integrity and honesty in all government agencies in the Philippines is admirable. Apparently this administration put a primer in uncovering corruption and excesses by the past administration and bringing the culprit government officials in the open and to court. The witch hunt seem to cover all agencies in the government and even government owned corporations.This is unprecendented.

From the exposes and congressional and senatorial hearings , ordinary citizens like me can only gasp in awe at the depth and extent of alleged corruption and abuses made in the past bureaucracy. The alleged abuses were truly mind boogling.

Whatever critics and sour grapers say, this ongoing anti-corruption initiative has already produced tangible results:

-A number of cases against past officials, the past President of the Philippines included are already filed.
- Some government agencies like the military and the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office have intiated policy reforms to deter abuses
and corruption
- The televised senatorial probes appear to strike fear or put involved officials beyond their comfort zones. It's satisfying to see these once revered officials cringe in their seat, fumble their answers or issue meek denials.

- Greater awareness of citizens and government employees on corruption and the need for transparency in government transactions.

Whether the cases filed in court against erring past government officials may prosper in court or not is anyone's guess.

By all means all Filipinos should support President Noynoy Aquino's initiatives to kick out corruption in the government.