Monday, May 11, 2009

Cute Swine Flu Picture

A funny picture why swine flu existed to humans. Do you think it's possible for this to be the cause? Actually swine flu could be transmitted to humans from swines especially those who worked with pigs.

Nowadays we are having problems caused by this virus because it could be transmitted from human to human. Eating pork is not a problem if it is properly cooked and will not poses risk of infection.

Well guys just be vigilant and be alert to whom you may encounter. You must be knowledgeable of swine flu to detect if a person is having one or may poses risk of infection. If ever you will encounter such symptoms do report to local authorities immediately to contain and possibly quarantine the suspected carrier of the virus.

Funny pic but this may have caused the outbreak of swine flu. God bless you all and take care always...


  1. pigs are the most dirtiest animals on earth thats why the flu is around

  2. hmm.. maybe..hehehe.. tanx for the comment