Monday, May 11, 2009

Rockets Stagger Lakers -> 2-2 standings

The Houston Rockets drowned Los Angeles Lakers with a flourishing teamwork done in both ends of the floor. They have successfully defended even without their great player Yao Ming who suffered from left foot injury and will miss the entire playoffs. Sad to hear that their big man is out of the Playoffs but this does not stop the hungry Rockets to smash the stars of Lakers. The Rockets flooded three point shots in the first quarter that made large deficit to the lazy defense of Los Angeles Lakers. Shane Battier explodes in the first quarter making three point shots courtesy of Aaron Brooks who have done splendid job in distributing the ball and directing the flow of his team. I have to mention this name as I have watch him played, Hayes had done extra-ordinary job as 6 foot 6 inches tall guarding the 7 footer Pau Gasol to change his game style and made bad shots. Near the end of the second half with only a second to end the half, the unbelievable happened with Artest on the inboumd in the half-court threw a perfect lob pass to the flying 6 footer Aaron Brooks and made the buzzer beater.

After the second half it was Aaron Brooks who made a stunner to the Lakers. Bringing the ball on both ends of the floor Aaron Brooks nailed loads of threes. As the guards of Lakers tried to make a good defense to Brooks but Brooks was just too fast to any guard the Lakers had to offer.

The game was just unbelievable that many were surprised by the perseverance showed and the teamwork the Rockets team showed to Lakers. The standing between the two is 2-2 best of 7 seiries of the second round of NBA Playoffs. So you better watch out on this match-up because anything can happen and we know that both teams are full of surprises.


  1. aw..hehe.. yup that two teams are really strong.. they have their X factor in every game..

  2. Hey there. What an embarrassing loss for the Lakers. This was their chance to go for the jugular and they screwed it up.

  3. yes it was embarrassing but let see what will the adjustment the Lakers will do..