Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bilarboy - Pagerank Realization

In the world of internet we have encountered and learned many things that benefited us in large scale. Everyday more and more information are added and shared to millions or billions of people around the world. As it grows, indexing web pages or websites is a very vital part in ranking through current and future hierarchy in searching through search engines. The internet in particular is a competition, a battlefield and an ending war between millions of sites competing and aiming to be the number 1. Driven to such fast and difficult phase, Pagerank or PR became a standard in the rankings of current and future websites.
Can you imagine the vast number of websites being ranked? The answer is pagerank or PR. Pagerank is an algorithm used by Google to rank or to assign numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web which is commonly and always been encountered when surfing the internet. There are many things to take into consideration in the term pagerank which then play vital roles in increasing websites’ pagerank. In pagerank or PR, links inside and outside the site will affect the current pagerank a site has. But that is just a part of what’s Google is in mind in ranking sites. Google’s pagerank uses their ranking algorithm through keywords used by a site which greatly affect the searching optimization of a website. It also evaluates the basic scripts or codes, tags, basics of html, errors in a webpage, pictures linkage, videos uploaded and even uptime and downtime of a webpage. To get a higher PR, websites should exchange link through a higher ranked websites to increase the relative importance of the site and gain ranking points.
Pagerank is always been an essential tool to be on the top and should always be put into importance. The higher a website’s pagerank is, the more it has the chance of being on top of all indexed or ranked websites. Essential business aspect of pagerank is that the higher the rank is, the more income the site can generate.

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