Sunday, July 26, 2009

infotechnix Will be Available Soon

A pleasant day guys. I am very happy today even if I almost missed a meeting with my friends. We had this meeting for our future plans in our organization. It was raining and still some of us managed to attend the meeting. This only shows dedication to the organization. And by the way the organization is composed of young, skilled and talented Information Technology students and graduates who want to make brilliance aura in the Information Technology world. The name of the organization that I am talking about is "infotechnix".This is categorized in to three, the programming, creatives and SEO or search engine optimization.

We are still on the start-up phase which we considered it as the hardest phase to make a name in the IT world. But we were not discouraged by this fact but rather this motivate us to work hard and set our own goals for our organization to rise and progress in this field. Maybe this week our website will be up in the web and free for everyone to see. We are motivated to make services in the web that we will make a mark on every work that we will take.

Hoping that everyone may have the chance to see us in the starting phase to infinity. So stay connected guys infotechnix will be available in the web soon.

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