Friday, August 21, 2009

Fuel Tube Leak

Last Wednesday, my friend called me to help him in driving his car with the purpose of moving their thesis things from one house to another. Direct to the point, I immediately helped him out.

Upon arriving to his home, the car was fine and was conditioned to be used. So ,we set off and we were hoping to finish it early. We were three people riding the car with a low speed and with a constant velocity. Midway to where our destination will be, we smelt gasoline in the car so I manually stopped the car and evaluate what had happened. The car was fine said by my friend but I doubt it because of the gasoline leak in the car. So I started the car again but when I tried to push the accelerator it doesn't set off. It was probably something wrong with the fuel lines. So we gathered up and try to solve the mystery.

I started the car again and we stared at each other hoping that it will not blew knowing that there was a leak in the fuel lines. Two of us, readily performed as a Christian the sign of the cross and pray in our hearts that we will still be alive and kicking in the next few seconds. Luckily we are well but sill the car was stranded and we just left it in a gas station near where all the unlucky things happened.

The next morning, my friend told me that his father knew back then that the fuel tube was expected to fail. I just can't stop laughing what could have happened that night where we were bargaining our lives for just a fuel tube leak.

Bye for now guys and God bless to you all.

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