Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life of a Roughneck

Ever heard the word roughneck? Yes, you are right! This is a person who works in the oil rig which involves rough duty of connecting and tripping of pipe. Probably, it is a general work around the rig.

You can see in this video what a roughneck on the oil fields will expect on the on-the-job training. Surely, he will have to receive plenty of annoying words from his superiors, dirty rig jobs, lots of tasks, know the basic SOP or Standard Operating Procedure and dangerous tasks which might cost them their lives. These things will be expected definitely in the on-the-job training of roughnecks.

It is just too hard to be a roughneck. If I were a roughneck and with less experience on the job, I might be reprimanded with valuable lesson, some specific areas that needs improvement, my lack of experience on the job and maybe reprimanded with my initiatives in the work. These would help me as a roughneck with much to learn in this line of work. The employee review would go down as to the point that I have done the things right and have developed the right working strategy as a roughneck.

truTV's Black Gold demonstrates the work of a roughneck in an actuality which is definitely what you will expect in real life. This means that you will be given the chance to experience things that you haven't seen before in a roughneck's duties.

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