Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Story of the Day

The day started when we played Warcraft III Frozen Throne or DOTA. A game that was tightly fought by us. Each team was composed of two players with a game mode of no top and no swap. After three games team standings were one win and two defeats that was our team and the other team was two wins and one defeat.

In the beginning, if you were in the scenery you will observe that everyone was having fun and making good moves in each game. In every offense done there were infinite counter so it was really hard to penetrate to the other side. Until one player that is my friend and an opponent was trapped in a perfect two in one situation that he was nowhere to go. He was so suspicious that I was missing in the map and possibly on the hunt. Waiting in a long time duration, he desperately viewed my monitor and safely moved to safety. Viewing my monitor in a desperate move, he was caught by my friend in a shameful act. My friend letting everyone know that our friend had done bad deed to desperately grab a win in a shameful act.

In the end, we did have fun and learn some new thoughts in the game. Maybe in the next game we will have to fight again with fierce strategies.

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