Saturday, September 5, 2009

If I were the Laptop

We can't deny the fact that generally humans use computers with no care of what might happen in the future. They just used it with no extra effort of showing little care to these poor computers. If only they have the mouth to speak like human has, they could easily shout at us with no time to spare.

Imagine, if I were my laptop with words to speak. I probably say these things. "Can I have a little break? Maybe just to chill myself a little bit and set my mind clear. I am working for hours everyday and all I can benefit with are dust and heat. It's been three years now and I feel like I am ten years old because of the non-stop stress works. I have been a good servant with all your needs and desires done as you wished with no promises or rewards in return. All I need is a little love and a little effort that I will be as fast as my real age and I will look like a new laptop. "

These words might probably come out or definitely it will if I were the laptop. I know that if every human in this world is given a chance to be a laptop or a desktop computer in a day, the result will be an overwhelming complain of lack of care. Then definitely, humans will learn to make their computers rest and clean.

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1 comment:

  1. To remind us to treat our computers and labtop better is not what amazed me. The ways it was done in this blog is too beautiful. I am sure, I will always remember from now on that we simply take too much for granted.
    Who would have thought technology should be treated with more consideration. Not meaning silk gloves, but just that little something to help our computers to perform better and stay younger...

    I also will think twice before shouting bad language at my labtop or PC in the future.