Wednesday, September 16, 2009

truTV's Rehab Party Like a Rockstar

You can see in this video how people party like a rockstar. All were in the mood of partying with everyone. truTV's Rehab in this season, scenes are even hotter with lots of partiers, new Rehab staffers and very hot celebrities. For sure, you will be wondering about how the staff and security are able to control the chaos done by random partiers which are commonly the big-spending customers in the party.

Awesome view, hot celebrities, jamming partiers and the undying party these make the Rehab the best party ever. Just imagine the appearances of famous celebrities partying with you and all the excited attendees around would surely make you out of the shell.

We know of some classic party fouls that we can't avoid like those I have experienced at amazing parties. These were vomiting in a projectile, guys looking for a fight, people get wasted or passed out in weird places and many more. I expect less fights or even better not to experience fights in the Rehab because this party foul can cause chaos to the party or maybe ruin the party totally. This is better than reality television which Rehab exemplifies the true happenings when you are in an amazing party.

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