Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Filipino Nation Celebrates Pacquiao's Triumph

In the Philippines, everything seem to take a backseat activities everytime Pacquiao fights. Crime and even insurgent activities drastically drop. The recent Pacquiao-Margarito fight was no exception. Everybody it seems is watching the fight. Glued to their TV sets or theater screens, folks all over the nation were shown in news footages spontaneously erupting into cheers everytime Pacquiao hits Margarito. Though the expected knockout did not materialize, the Filipinos were ecstatic over Pacquiao's victory. Pacquiao not only convincingly won the fight but now possess the distinction of topping eight weight divisions. This is unprecendented in the boxing history - a record to beat for a long long time. Here is a fearless boxer who fought the top boxers of his time in different wight divisions and beat them all. Yet in all of these successes, Pacquaio remains humble and well mannered. No wonder he is a boxing icon not only in this nation but the world over.

I watched the fight on a pay per view and later reviewed same twice on commercial channels. His speed, power and boxing savy is mezmerizing to watch.

A Pacquiao-Mayweather fight next? Unlikely. Most fight fans like me suspect, Mayweather has been scared of Pacquaio. Though Mayweather already seem to run out of credible reasons and alibis not to fight Pacquiao, expect his team to invent more silly ones. Anyway
Pacquiao doesn't need a Mayweather. Pacquaio has already attained boxing greatness.

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