Saturday, September 25, 2010

Online Tutoring for Difficult Subjects

My younger sister recently consulted me on certain topics on statistical analysis and Mathematics. She had a hard time understanding absorbing the lecture by her instructors and her reference textbooks were not very helpful. Unfortunately I am not well versed with the said topics and could not offer much to enlighten my dear sister. I passed the same subjects when I was a student but could no longer recall the details. Sounds familiar?

Fortunately online tutoring is available now a days for these difficult subjects.
As I find out,there is an on line tutoring specifically designed to help K-12 and college students. An online tutorial company for instance offers among others instant help on understanding concepts and solving problems related to statistics, mathematics and geometry. For probability related problems, this company developed a Probability calculator method. Tutorial for commonly encountered topics in mathematics like equivalent fractions and Prime Factorization and related topics appear to be covered extensively. Further tutorial help for line plot , Linear programming, isosceles triangle related computations, and bar graph constructions and analysis can likewise be availed online.

No doubt online tutorial can help a lot in making the students understand better difficult subjects. The sample problems and solving techniques are presented in simple,and easy to understand manner.For busy parents and siblings and those simply not conversant with similar topics,it may be prudent to tap online tutorial to help their students perform better in class.

As regards my sister? She was conveniently guided to the online tutorial.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Securing Homes and Prized Possesions

Providing greater protection to our homes and and loved ones and valued possessions like cars is a goal parents should pursue consistently. And surveillance systems and tracking devices are integral to the total security systems be at home and businesses. Depending on your budget, it pays to priorize acquisitions of these gadgets depending on your need and what will give you greater sense of security and peace of mind. 
For instance,one of the foremost worry of working spouses is what their children and or household helps are doing while they are at work. And in todays computer era and cyberspace predators, the proper use of home computers by children left at home ranks the most. If you find the need to discretely check on what your children or household members are doing and transacting  on your computer,at least I learned of one interesting  gadget available on the market that may address your need. Simple to use, this one is decidedly superior and more advanced than the typical Keylogger hardwares or softwares. With capability to bypass passwords, this stealth gadget can record everything (screens shots and texts) person is transacting on your computer including laptops.Further the person on surveillance would not know anything,since the intrusion to the computer virtually leaves no trace or undetectable and the deed done within  seconds (This covert device can be  removed from the computer after five seconds leaving no hardware).The same device of course can be used as well in the surveillance of computers used in businesses.  
There are a bewildering array of types security systems and surveillance gadgets in the market to consider.There are GPS tracking gadgets for small childrens and cars, surveillance or spy cameras and the like. I find the tracking devices for children very apealing. It alerts parents on the whereabouts and when their youngsters are in dangerous locations in the house.    
For those needing complex security and surveillance systems, it is best to refer to  professional security providers.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boost Mobile Reboost News

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One more on Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

I am a self confessed boxing fan.I have witnessed and read the antics and tantrums thrown by boxing supertars.But nothing beats the noise and rubish heaped by Floyd Mayweather Jr.on Manny Pacquaio.

The verbal taunts are below the belt and uncalled for. The rantings unfortunately speaks volume of a scared and a fame jealous fighter. Floyd may fool a few, but not the greater majority of boxing fans. It is clear Floyd is scared stiff to fight the Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquaio.

Gentleman Manny Pacquaio has nothing to prove. He has gone up several weigh divisions to fight bigger guys and convincingly whipped them all. If this is not bravery at the exreme then what it is? Looking through Pacquaio's and those of Mayweather Jr's recent fights, it is apparent why Floyd is scared. Floyd's performances on these fights were boring and calculatingly safe.Those of Pacqauiao's were outstanding and exciting to behold. The praises heaped by the veteran sports casters on Pacquaio during his fights were am sure enough for Floyd to cringe in his seat. If Floyd will fight Pacquaio today, Floyd would surely be the underdog in the betting.

Floyd has run out of obstacles and alibis to dodge Pacquiao. At first, he wanted an Olympic style drug testing. That threw off the fight negotiation because Pacquaio didn't agree to it. When recently in a bid to clinch the fight, Pacquaio agrreed to such testing, Flyoyd sidestep the negotiation initiated by promoter Bob Arum by saying he is not interested to fight this year.Really?. I won't be surprised if Floyd will come up with another flimsy alibi not to fight Pacquaio next year.

One thing sure though Floyd's reluctance to fight Pacquaio do not sit well with fight fans. Not only that he has slipped from the top pound for pound rankings, he has fallen from his lofty pedestal in the eyes of the boxing fans. And the only way he will regain his standing and respect is by fighting the greatest boxer today - Manny Pacquaio.