Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On Car repairs and road trip

Suddenly my car airconditioning system conked out. On a hot season, a faulty airconditioning system can be unbearable. A nearby auto repair shop diagnosed that the the compressor had to be replaced which is quite costly. Doubtful and seeking for a second opinion, I went to another shop. The diagnosis-a busted fuse. What a relief. Sounds familiar?  
To avoid possible rip off, it is prudent that car owners find and patronize competent and trustworthy car repair shops. I wish that our locality have a concentration  of several establishments organized like those of Dallas auto repair shops. Lower costs, better service and efficiency usually result with more competition.  
Knowing where you can have your car be reliably serviced and repaired can mean a lot particularly when you plan to take a long trip. There's nothing that can ruin your mood and schedule during a road trip than a malfunctioning car.  
Just like a typical car owner, a visit to my trusted repair shops is in order before any long trip. My car undergoes a thorough general check-up and servicing. I am particular that my brake system is in top shape so I always remind the serviceman to do a brake job now to correct or avoid future braking problems.    
Driving cars on long streches during weekends is  fun and exhilirating. Alone and sometimes with friends, I find it relaxing to go to rural areas through mountain ranges and flatlands relishing the seemingly endless vistas and panoramic views offered along the way. Sometimes though when my car is fully loaded and when I hit rough and or steep roads I simply wished I was driving a truck like the Chevrolet Silverado. My small car can barely handle the load.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Rescue of Chile's Miners

The recent successful rescue of the trapped 33 miners of San Jose Mine in Chile is truly an amazing feat- a triumph of engineering, crisis management and human endurance. That the 33 miners were alive and appears to be in good physical condition after being trapped almost half a kilometer down the dephts of the earth for more than 69 days is even a more greater achievement.  
The rescue as it unfolds was a gripping spectacle worth watching. I cannot help but mesmerized by the sight of the miners seemingly popping out. It is exhilarating to watch as the miners one by one emerged from the hole to the waiting arms of their loved ones and rescuers.  The seemingly pure joy that shines on the faces of the miners and love ones after days of waiting and worries is contagious. You too will feel happy and light as you watched.   
The Chilean government deserves a pat on the back for transforming what could have been another worse mining  disaster into a successful rescue event.