Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alcoholism Increases the Risk for Women’s Health to Breast Cancer

Years and years of excellence of finding causes to treat breast cancer have been concluded through a study of 150,000 cases by British researchers. In just as little as one drink, it can increase the risk of getting breast cancer. Women’s health will be ruin by seven percent as they consume one drink of alcohol. As they researched on the effects of drinking, the researchers also tackled on the effects of smoking tobacco and come out with the result that smoking will not increase the risk of breast cancer but increases the risk of getting lung cancer.

The researchers admitted that they do not know how alcohol will create the risk of getting breast cancer, however they believe drinking alcohol alters levels of the female hormone estrogen. With women on the stage of alcoholism and has a family history of the disease, early puberty, late menopause, delayed childbirth or giving birth on late life or not having children at all will have positive chances of getting breast cancer.

This conducted study on breast cancer was the first that was able to separate the effects of alcohol and smoking on the increased chances of developing breast cancer.

Just remember that alcoholism but not smoking will increase the chances of getting breast cancer.


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