Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lakers vs Magic Game 3: The Bounce Back of Orlando Magic that Defeated LA Lakers

The game was awesome. You can hear the crowd cheering, making themselves involved and giving the Magic all the support they needed. They should be because if they will win this game it will be a franchise’s first final victory and will be put and remembered in history books.

Kobe and the Lakers started hot in the first half of the game, making the Magic resilience beatable. You can see the NBA Finals experience differences from the two teams and this is why Lakers takes such advantage in this series. Faces, actions, composures and the spirits are never been this high in all the NBA Finals that Kobe Bryant was on. With his big effort and his teammate to close out the game, they failed to stop the great teamwork showed by Magic. Kobe said that he has a bad night after the game.

While the Lakers are having tough time beating the Magic, team effort saves Magic from the growling offense by the Lakers. They defended way better than the last two games with such passion of winning the game. Magic’s starters Alston, Howard, Lewis, Turkoglu and Pietrus have promised to win game 3 after they have finished their workout in the gym from their last practice. Seeing them in the court astonished everyone. They have showed the heart of a champion and have overwhelmed the Lakers devastating offense. Play by play they contested shots with patience and perseverance. They have killed the offense of the Lakers since the buzz of the second half and then they have capitalized their effort with remarkable counter offenses that brought the Amway Arena wild.

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