Friday, June 12, 2009

Lakers vs Magic Game 4: Disappointing Defeat by Orlando Magic

Good day to all NBA fans. I have some attention-grabbing news that I will share for you. Game four of the NBA finals between Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers went on an overtime game. The game will surely be put in the record books which will be highlighted as one of the NBA Greatest Games. The game went through a lot of up and down moments that thrilled everyone with. It was a tight ball game that everyone was on their feet and crossed-finger with every play. The Game four of the best of seven series was a must win for Orlando Magic and a good opportunity for Lakers to snatch an insurance victory to win the series.
Orlando Magic played well except for the free throws missed by Dwight Howard which should have been the key to win the ball game. The team leads three points with Dwight Howard on the free throw line with seconds to play. Orlando Magic’s Hope was for Howard to just shoot one free throw, make it a two possession game and that’s it. They should have win game four if Coach Van Gundy made some crucial decision on letting Alston play who have helped them win game three rather than Nelson. After overtime, Orlando Magic lost their game plan and never recovered with the devastating Lakers offense which was conducted by their veteran point guard Fisher.
The aftermath of the game was some disappointment to the part of the Magic team. They gathered themselves up and will try to grab a win in the next game. They will be having their workout to ensure that they will be fit in the coming game.
Many commentators did quote on Orlando Magic’s experience on NBA Finals as young and has so much to learn on holding on leads and bringing up composures in the game. We just have to watch out for what adjustments will Coach Van Gundy imposes on Orlando Magic.

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