Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Superman's Teamate All-star Point Guard Jameer Nelson Returns

Hello NBA fans. I have some latest update on Orlando Magic. Do you know their NBA All-star point guard Jameer Nelson will be coming back? As coach Van Gundy said that even if Nelson doesn't play in Game 1, he could play later in the series. This will boosts Orlando Magic overwhelming confidence and momentum to try snatch game 1. Even if his rehabilitation will take at least two months from now, he is never been this eager to play. Since the Orlando Magic got to play in the playoffs, Jameer Nelson is persistent and wants to play if not for the good advices of Magic general manager Otis Smith and coach Van Gundy.

For Los Angeles Lakers, this is a bad news for Los Angeles Lakers' coach Phil Jackson and Los Angeles Lakers' superstar Kobe Bryant. Jameer Nelson will create another problem for Los Angeles Lakers for he is a good scorer. Kobe said that "They have a team full of them, but he is another player you're going to have to deal with on defense." Definitely, Jameer Nelson is no joke and will add up to the success of Orlando Magic's road to NBA championship. In the regular season Orlando Magic was 2-0 against Los Angeles. Nelson was Orlando's leading scorer in both those games, averaging 27.5 points. Phil Jackson quoted this, "Someone's got to play that position and we have to match whatever happens there. He has the speed and intelligence to play that position very well for that team."

Game 1 will start 06/04/09 9PM ET at Los Angeles Lakers home court, Staples Center.

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