Sunday, February 27, 2011

Troubling Developments in the Middle East

The massive political protests gripping Libya,Bahrain and Yemen, no doubt alarm long serving rulers.Emboldened by successful protest actions in the neighboring Tunisia,angry citizens apparently fed-up by corruption, economic difficulties and inefficiencies by their long serving leaders, now demand radical political reforms and greater freedom sparing not even their monarchy. These should serve as a lesson to dictators and ruling monarchies. 
My salute and smypathy to the people in the middle east nations who have awakened at last. These brave people will not be cowed anymore. And unless wide ranging political reforms are instituted, government headed by dictators and monarchies will face crippling protest actions. and unrests.
No doubt the rest of the  world wants the  middle east to normalize as soon as possible. Oil dependent and labor exporting nations like the Philippines would be hit hard economically should the current upheavals in these nations are not resolved soonest.

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